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Galactic Voices 1.3

Galactic Voices comes as a free add-on for the MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer
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For all those who feel that the normal human voice isn’t really what they wanted, and fancy being blessed with an option to sound like out-of-this-world creature, the MorphVOX Galactic Voices 1.3 is just the right kind of deal, which comes as a free add-on for the MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer software.

This extraordinary tool allows the user to sound like a bounty hunter, a fighting mechanoid or even an evil overlord, and fulfills all the whims and fancies of a human being, which can probably never be satisfied in reality.

The application features eight different galactic voices Galactic Overlord including that of the Mech Leader, Science Officer, Tactical Officer, Ground Commander, Mechanoid Nemesis as well as the Diplomatic Droid, each of them being an unearthly devil in itself.

This add-on is basically designed to add variety in the MorphVOX Pro voice changing software, and facilitates all its user to enjoy the capability of sounding like an alien, and have an entirely new experience altogether.

By incorporating the voices of these new science-fiction characters, the user can enhance role-playing capabilities and have good fun with these non-worldly sounds.

Luis Sanchez
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